Don’t Settle for a Second Rate Mechanic

Get auto repairs and maintenance in Cheyenne, WY

Is your current mechanic giving you the drivearound?

At Cheyenne Frame & Axle in Cheyenne, WY, we take pride in the work we do for every one of our loyal customers. From the front bumper to the rear taillights and everything in between, we maintain and repair vehicles for optimum performance. Whether you drive a car or a truck, we have assembled a team who care about their work and the local people they help.

Proudly Serving Cheyenne Since 1974

Since we opened in 1974, folks have come to Cheyenne Frame & Axle for our honest and skilled work on cars and trucks. When people discover a great mechanic, the word spreads fast, and that has been the story of our business for over 40 years.

Whether you’ve noticed a funny sound when your vehicle is turning a corner or your tires are experiencing uneven wear, we can diagnose and fix most major issues with your car or truck. We’ll perform service related to:

Suspension, including springs, shock absorbers and linkages
• Vehicle alignment, including diagnosis and repair
Wheel end work, including axle repair

And Everything Else Your Vehicle Needs

Car and truck detailing in Cheyenne, WY

Cheyenne Frame & Axle also offers a range of vehicle maintenance and upkeep services. Come to us for:

Car and truck detailing
• Oil changes
• Windshield replacement

Don’t settle for a second rate auto repair shop. Call Cheyenne Frame & Axle today to schedule an appointment!

We service cars, trucks, RVs, buses, semi-trucks, ATV's, trailers, side by sides and more!

Call (307) 635-2113 today!

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