Don’t Gamble With Your Axle

Find wheel end auto repair in Cheyenne, WY

Cheyenne Frame & Axle has helped vehicle owners diagnose and repair axle problems in the Cheyenne, Wyoming area for 40 years. We are experts at repairing this important part of your vehicle so that your ride remains safe, smooth and efficient.

Do You Have an Axle Problem?

Your car’s wheel end is one of the most important systems on your vehicle. A malfunction in the axle while you’re driving could be extremely dangerous. Here’s a couple of signs to look out for that might mean your axle needs an inspection ASAP:

Loud clicking noise
A loud clicking sound when you’re driving, especially when you’re turning a corner at a slower speed, means your axle is due for an inspection at Cheyenne Frame & Axle.

Excessive vibration
Excessive vibration in your steering wheel could be a sign that your car’s axle needs professional inspection immediately.

Don’t wait Come to Cheyenne Frame & Axle to get your vehicle inspected today. Your Safety is our number one concern. We even do trailers! Call Cheyenne Frame & Axle today to schedule an appointment with our axle repair experts.